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Efficient Annual Returns for Incorporated Alberta Companies

Every incorporated company in Alberta is required to complete and file a yearly Alberta Annual Return. Airdrie Registry makes it easy for you to file – you may visit our offices, or you can file by fax or email. There is no need to line up.


Remain in Good Standing with Our Easy Alberta Annual Return Services


Your Alberta annual return has nothing to do with your tax return. Instead, it provides up-to-date corporate information including:

  Registered name of corporation
  Corporate access number
  Corporation address
  Applicable time period of report
  Names of directors including applicable changes and addresses
  List of shareholder names, addresses, and the percentage of voting shares each holds

Your Alberta annual return keeps your company in good standing by letting the Corporate Registry know that your company is still active.

Any changes to addresses, directors and shareholders can be done at the time of filing.

Each annual return must be filed for the year ending on the anniversary of the company’s date of incorporation or registration. Failure to do so may result in additional fees or your company being struck from the corporate register. It will then have to be revived, and any outstanding annual returns must be filed.



Filing Your Alberta Annual Return


Airdrie Registry makes it simple for you to file your Alberta annual return. Once your Alberta annual return is complete, you may either visit our office to file personally or if you choose to mail, fax or email the return to avoid line-ups; Airdrie Registry will process your annual return and forward you the completed paperwork. If you did not receive your Alberta annual return form by mail, please click here to download the one form.


It’s that simple to keep your corporation in good standing. Contact Airdrie Registry today .


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