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Ensure Business Success with Our Incorporation & Corporate Registry Services

Airdrie Registry provides a full range of corporate registry services for your company and business, including name searches, incorporation registration, annual return, corporate dissolution, and more. The road to your success begins with our Alberta incorporation services. Airdrie Registry makes your Alberta incorporation simple and successful.


Incorporate Your Business

Incorporating in Alberta begins with a NUANS search. This confirms and verifies there are no registered business names in Alberta similar to your corporate name. Once a corporate name is chosen to be registered, download the required Articles of Incorporation . For your convenience, you may mail, fax or email us your completed forms to start your Alberta incorporation process. If you have any questions during the process, our corporate agents are available to help you. It’s that simple.


Alberta Corporate Registries

In addition to Alberta incorporation services, Airdrie Registry has several corporate registry services available for companies that are just beginning, going through a transition, or in the process of being dissolved.

Airdrie Registry provides the following Alberta corporate registry services:

  Alberta Annual Return

  Alberta Corporate Searches

  NUANS Reports

  Partnership & Trade Name Registration

  Corporate Revivals

   Corporate Certificate of Status

  Ordering Bylaws

  Corporate Dissolution

  Corporation Name Change/Amendment

  Extra-Provincial Registrations

   Online Corporate & Trade Name Searches, Click Here

Contact us if you require other corporate services.

Please click here to download any Alberta registry forms you require.


At Airdrie Registry, we provide you with the solutions to most of your Alberta incorporation questions. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process of setting up your corporation. Stop by our location to get started.


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